7 Principles Transforming The Way Leaders Succeed!

1. Improve

Looking for strategies to increase engagement in your organization?

2. Performance

Want tools to help your team perform at its best?

3. Clarity

Imagine having a boost of clarity and creativity towards achieving your goals.

4. Believe

Imagine working with teammates that believe in you as much as you believe in them.

5. empowered

Imagine feeling empowered at work and in your life.

The most effective leaders succeed everyday by practicing these AWESOME Principles:

Working for a Higher Purpose
Engaging Others
Motivating Great Action

Let us train you to do the same.


“This was the best training I’ve attended [in a while]! Practical activities that create community, provide space for bonding, and promote change in the classroom.”
Jeremy Birch, 1st Year Teacher Mentor Hillsboro School District

“This training provides an unique perspective on collaboration that can be immediately applied in the workplace. If you want to be a better leader, manager, or employee you can't miss it!.”
Marcelo Gadia, Senior Tax Associate, Berkowitz Pollack Brant

Our Capacity Building Approach


Meeting Your Needs

Instead of long-winded lectures, you get to customize your training to meet your team's desired outcomes. Based on your input, we handpick exercises that foster the skills your staff needs to reach those outcomes such as healthy competition, creative thinking, and resource management. Plus, our trainings run 3 - 8 hours to easily fit your busy schedule.


  Building on Strengths

We use our trademark AWESOME Principles, visual metaphors, and strategic questions to  facilitate relevant professional development. We also help your staff draw connections from the training to your current initiatives, ensuring you get the maximum value for your investment.


 Accelerating Success

We assist your staff in creating a growth mindset for effectively utilizing resources already in place to reach your shared goals. Additionally, we provide research-based tools and strategies you can implement right away.


We Are Awesome

This Training Is For

This training is for education, nonprofit, and business leaders like you.
Leaders seeking to not only give your staff the best tools for improved productivity,
but also to develop transformational relationships that invest in their human potential and growth.


Educator Outcomes
In This Training You Learn To Get Better Results By:

Gaining tools to increase student engagement and intrinsic motivation

Practicing strategies to strengthen your SEL, AVID, PBIS, WEB, Restorative Justice, and other interventions

Enhancing relationship building skills to create a more supportive school culture

  Discussing implementation to seamlessly bring this training back into your classroom

And more


Nonprofit/Business Outcomes
In This Training You Learn To Get Better Results By:

Increasing employee buy-in and collaboration within your business

Improving communication, meeting facilitation, and training skills

 Expanding strength-based and solution-focused leadership styles

  Preparing your team to engage a millennial workforce

And more


Student Outcomes

In This Training You Learn To Get Better Results By:

Practicing strategies for effectively leading your peers

Gaining tools to facilitate better activities, assemblies, and events

Aligning your strengths, weaknesses, and values to achieve greater success

Developing a growth mindset to overcome the most common leadership pitfalls

And more


U R Awesome brings it with enthusiasm and evidence-based practices in all their programs. The Empowering Leadership training is interactive, thought-provoking, and covers a wide range of topics important to leaders and organizations.”
Andi Kemp, Consultant Upward Development, LLC

"Do it! You'll learn more about yourself and others within an hour than you would spending thousands of dollars on research.”
Andrew Weiss, Student Leader University of Oregon

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URA Students Power On

Our Experience

Working in the education field for the past eight years has taught us a great deal about empowering youth and adults to achieve success. We’ve worked in both grassroots as well as top-down initiatives, which helped us see the full picture for implementing various initiatives while inspiring buy-in from even the most resistant stakeholders.

The biggest challenge we faced working with schools as an outside organization was our limited relationships with staff and students. Quite often our presentations would evoke great skill building and collaboration, but lose potency after we left.

Therefore, in the spirit of sustainable capacity building, we now share our strategies and tools with leaders like you who have your boots on the ground every day, to help build the relationships that drive long-term motivation. When you are empowered as a leader, your staff and organization are better able succeed at even higher levels.


Business Applications

The fact is that a majority of workforce employees were students at some point. Students who received various degrees of skill building opportunities, social emotional development, and intellectual growth. Therefore, we combine educational, business, and leadership research to create dynamic training experiences that empower your team to actualize their potential.

By practicing the AWESOME Principles within our business, we have seen a significant increase in our revenue, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and donor relations, among other benefits.

Let us train you to do the same.


Keynotes by U R Awesome Founder
Kemy Joseph, MS, EDS, MBE

Kemy Joseph is founder of U R Awesome, a kindness coaching leadership program that trains educators and students how to increase kindness, collaboration, and engagement in their schools..  (Kelly Lyon/The Register-Guard)

Kemy is a powerful and elevating speaker. He has served as a leader in several schools, nonprofits, and businesses across the country. In keynotes, Kemy shares lessons from his successes and failures as a leader to help transform the way you lead. He goes a step further by providing tools you can use to get better results and empower others to do the same.

Learning Outcomes
In This Keynote You Learn To Get Better Results By:

Activating our 7 AWESOME Principles

Applying proven techniques for increasing your ability to engage, motivate and positively impact others

Incorporating a new model of service that ensures your service projects strengthen the capacities of everyone involved

Gaining practical strategies – including stress and time management techniques – to overcome the most common leadership obstacles and optimize your path to success.


"Kemy is charismatic and energetic, able to engage a crowd of all ages. The keynote was professional while being casual and friendly. Other people should see him speak because of the message! It was very uplifting, unique, and personal. It can work in all situations and ages and make people smile."
Karen T., EugFun

"Excellent! His energy is one-of-a-kind and smooth. His voice is anchored in wisdom with a mind unlike any other. Kemy offers a unique gift of empowerment which ignites people. Today, we need that more than ever."
Joseph A.,  Motivational Speaker

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Meet Team U R Awesome


Director of Communication
Brad aka Mr. Much Love
"My favorite part of working with U R Awesome is being able to help people embrace their self-worth and change their lives for the better."


Administrative Director
Elise aka
Miss Hopeful
"I love working with such a dedicated team of people. We encourage each other to do and be our best every day."


Success Coach
Jasun aka
Mr. Playful
"Everyday I'm inspired to be involved in an organization that inspires people to be empowered leaders. I truly feel like we are doing good work in the world."


Growth & Development Specialist
Marcelo aka
Mr. Joyful
"I never knew strategic planning, accounting, and forecasting could be as rewarding as it is in this organization. I'm grateful I can put my skills to good use and learn new ones along the way."


Director of Development
Sarah aka
Miss Happiness
"The way U R Awesome honors my requests for flexibility and my contributions to our various projects truly helps me feel valued as an essential member of this incredible team."


Asst. Director of Development
Justin aka
Mr. Motivation
"Being fresh out of grad school gives me a unique perspective for the work we're doing across the country and I appreciate that my insights have been respectfully considered from day one."


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