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Kindness Challenge

During this week-long series our Kindness Coaches engage faculty, staff, and students in a variety of our interactive programs creating a kinder more supportive learning environment at your school.

We facilitate large and small group activities focused on increasing collaboration in the classroom, giving students the opportunity to support one another’s academic success!

The classroom setting allows for our coaches to fully engage the students in this high-energy presentation.

We introduce your entire school (faculty, staff, and students) to our ABC’s of Awesomeness:

The assembly is a powerful collaborative experience that enables everyone to participate equally, building a sense of community and empowering attendees to explore ways they can make a positive impact at your school!

We guide 30 participants deeper into our ABC’s of Awesomeness empowering them to create kinder, more productive lives while discovering ways they can contribute to a school climate that enables everyone to thrive.

We offer separate workshops for students and educators to provide each group with a safe space to discuss relevant concerns and solutions.

We lead 10 students and 1 teacher through our transformative experience focused on personal development, team building and leadership. Over the course of a school day participants are empowered to enhance their skills, form lasting friendships, and start a U R Awesome Club!

Starting a U R Awesome Club extends the positive impact of the Development Series as club members lead the kindness movement and keep the Awesomeness in Action at your school.

We shift from ‘dialogue’ to ‘action’ by challenging faculty, staff and students to be the positive change they want to see in your school.

They are challenged to perform (at least) one kind act per day for 5 days. Completing our Kindness Challenge helps your school generate thousands of kind acts and creates a sustainable culture of support that fosters high student achievement! 

Plus, they all receive a Coconut Bliss Ice Cream Party to celebrate their efforts!

Experience the AWESOMENESS for yourself by Requesting Kindness Coaching today!

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