Join Mr. U R Awesome for a “Slice of Life” on Miami Beach.



Watch Mr. U R Awesome speak to UM students during his “Succeeding With Kindness” TEDx Talk.


If you need a hug, well Kemy is your man. He is on a mission to put smiles on faces one hug, one high five and one pound at a time.


Mr. U R Awesome  celebrates his three-year sign-iversary with a 15 hour free hug-a-thon.


“Doing the random acts of kindness… [has] given me my passion and given me my life’s mission.” — Mr. U R Awesome


Watch Mr. U R Awesome sharing the ABCs of Awesomeness at the 2011 TEDx Cushman.


Learn more about other inspirational young people who spoke alongside Mr. U R Awesome at the first ever TEDx Youth Event hosted by the Cushman School in Miami.


During the 2nd annual Great Give Away, clothes, food and hygiene kits were distributed to needy families at the Miami Rescue Mission.


On his 2-year anniversary of wearing signs, The Miami Herald documented a day in the life of Kemy Joseph, founder of U R Awesome.


This film documents Kemy’s last months at the University of Miami, as he led the largest clothing drive in the school’s history, went to Haiti twice, camped out for ten days to raise fund for Haiti, started a band, founded U R Awesome Inc and graduated with honors.


In this interview, Mr. U R Awesome shares his experience about visiting Haiti and the fundraising idea that came to him after returning home from his trip in 2010.


By the end of the 1st Great Give Away, team U R Awesome collected over 11,000 articles of clothing for impoverished citizen of Miami-Dade County.


During UM’s 1st annual Great Give Away, students recycled clothing and received a U R Awesome shirt in return.



UMiami hosted is very first TEDx on November 4, 2012. Mr. U R Awesome had the opportunity to reconnect with his Alma Mater by sharing his life’s experiences as a speaker at the event.


Read this World Kindness Tour recap article to learn more about Mr. U R Awesome’s journey to spread kindness.


Read this Art of Being Awesome review to learn more about how our program is changing lives.


The World Kindness Tour kicked off on January 25, 2012 and Mr. U R Awesome stopped by UM to share his ideals of spreading positivity.


In October of 2010, U R Awesome teamed up with University of Miami’s Random Acts of Kindness to put on the second annual Great Give Away Clothing Drive.  “We’re going to be able to do a lot more this year with a lot less money,” said Charlie Levinson, vice-president of R.A.K.


“The most incredible thing I could have done was start believing in myself.” — Mr. U R Awesome


On his 2-year anniversary of wearing signs, The Miami Herald documented a day in the life of Kemy Joseph, founder of U R Awesome.


Read about Mr. U R Awesome’s trips to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010.


Back in 2010, Mr. U R Awesome, pitched a tent on the university green to raise awareness around the effects of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake.


The Great Give Away Clothing Drive was born in 2009 when we produced our very first “U R Awesome” and “Love Who You Are” t-shirts. It was a hit!