U R Awesome

Our Kindness Coaching programs are interactive community building presentations in which we empower students to rise above bullying by creating school environments that foster acceptance and collaboration.

What is
U R Awesome?

We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization helping youth discover and actualize their potential to be kind while empowering them to do the same for others.

Being Kind Changes Lives! Create A Lasting Impact Through:


High-energy community building experiences that engage students in fun activities and teaches practical ways to make your school a kinder place.

Class Visits

Interactive presentations that use teambuilding activities to increase collaboration, support, and productivity in your classroom.

Student Workshops

Solutions-focused personal development workshops that empower students to succeed with kindness in their everyday lives.

Educator Workshops

Solutions-focused professional development workshops that empower educators to succeed with kindness while increasing their efficiency.


Transformative leadership trainings that help students develop practical skills, form lasting friendships, and lead a U R Awesome Club.

Development Series

A weeklong immersion program that engages faculty, staff, and students in creating a kinder, more supportive learning environment at your school.

Reasons to Smile

We offer up to 100% Scholarships for our programs!

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YOUR donations bring our AWESOME programs to low-income schools across the country.

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For Educators

Our programs bring a much-needed boost of positivity to your school by creating a more supportive learning environment that fosters high student achievement. Learn More

For Students

We are here to remind you of the awesome power you possess! We are not trying to fix you, or force you to be kind. Instead, we want to work with you to create the positive life you desire.

For Parents

Creating supportive learning environments makes schools safer by teaching students how to be kinder, which increases their ability to succeed at school and at home.